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A resume is one or two-page career summary. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a longer document which has more information including a detailed description about the each project, work experience and skill set. Fresher (who completed the graduate degree) can add the relevant information about the technical skills, accomplishment, the reference about the project work, colleague internship projects with detailed information. Working professional can add the wok experience, technology, leadership skill, domain skill, projects they worked and certification details.

The CV should contain professional Email address with the first name and last name (avoid fancy names or created during your college days). It should contain the proper phone number. If you apply the jobs now, you may get calls after few months. When you apply through career portal, your CV kept the store in their portal. When the requirement open, the recruitment team try to communicate to you. If you changed your number, you may miss that opportunity.

Facts about the CV

  • Average time spent looking at a CV is 5-7 seconds
  • An average of 250 CVs are received for each job position
  • 76% of CVs are ignored if your email address is unprofessional
  • 89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn

Relevant details

CV should contain only the relevant details. If you are looking for a job in Database administrator, add more tools and skills related to administrator area. Recruitment team may interest to see more relevant skills. They may not look about you cycling/swimming skill or write C++ system programming. You can add skills like basic network administrator skills or Perl skill which require automating administrator tasks.

If you are applying for the software developer, Recruitment team can expect good in Data structure, algorithm, computer fundamentals, basic mathematics, networking and operating system skillset. If you working currently, you should be good in your working skills.


You can use CV template for making the CV. After fill all the details, review the CV. After preparing yourself, if you look the CV, it may be good from your point of view. If you prepare, you can share the CV with your adviser or professor to verify the CV. If you do not know anyone, you can search the CV from online (you can also search CV from job portal and finalize the format).

Spelling and grammar

You can use MS word or any other tool which help to review the spelling and grammar. If your CV contains spelling mistake the chances are more to reject the CV. You should also verify about the grammar mistake. If you know anyone good at spelling and grammar for review your CV, it will be good. If you do not know, you can use any tools which will correct the spelling and grammar

CV Fields

The CV should contain the following fields.

Work experience

The recruitment team should able to get your full experience level. If you complete your degree on 2000, you have to clearly mention from 2000 to till date. You can also specify work experience gap (If they ask about the gap, explain with proper reason). The companies would like to know more about your achievement in terms of measurement (Example increase the speed from 50% to 100%, improve the user experience from 10,000 to 1, 00,000). What contribution make the project successful.

Skills and achievements

If you are working in software industry for 8 years, you may work more than 10 technologies. You should explain clearly what is your core technical skills, secondary skills, etc. If you add all the skills without any hint, the recruitment team may think, you worked java, C++, C#, Perl, SQL (which includes all programming language). If they ask some basic question in any technology (which you didn’t work much), you don’t know the answer, they may think, you have added all the technologies just like that. They may not be able to judge your core competency skills.


you should add education qualification. Most of the software companies looks for computer science degree for programming based title. You can add your school, undergraduate and/or postgraduate. If you complete any certification course, you can add that too.

Certifications and Awards

Certifications help to stand out from the crowd. If the requirements get more CV from the candidate, they can use this for filtering the candidate. Certification will not help to clear the technical interview. But, the candidate can get preference for giving interview compare than another candidate.


you can add publications, open source contribution, forums, and GitHub repository along with your CV. It will help to filter the candidate for giving an interview.

Name, address, telephone number, and email

you should mention the full name in your CV clearly (with first name and last name). You should give your clear residence address. If you are staying very close to the company, it may be good to you and company. If the candidate not willing to work any other place, mention in CV. Telephone number (Preferably mobile number) and email are very important communication point. After applying the jobs in career portal, if you do not check the email address, you may lose a chance. Do not maintain too many email address. You may not be able to check frequently.

Cover letter

You should include cover letter whenever apply job through email or portal (If you are applying through a portal, they provide an option for adding cover letter). The cover letter should contain your core skill and experience in that area. If you are applying software developer, you can explain more about your programming skills. If you are applying for the management position, explain more about the management skills). If you convey the message about you skills, they can open your CV and know more details. The subject line should contain meaning full message. Otherwise, the spam system filters and move your message to the spam folder.


Now a day’s students or working professional may have social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, google+, YouTube, twitter, etc. If you have any accounts, use professionally. The recruitment team can browse your history and able to judge about you. Recruitment team can check about interpersonal skills using your social activities.


The software company prefers Word (*.doc, *.docx) or PDF format. If job seeker sends CV to consultant people, the consultant people may prefer doc format. They may add more information on CV. Many job portals allow to upload only doc or pdf format with a specific size. You cannot upload more size.

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