Linked List

Write a program to find middle element of singly linked list using single iteration

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Write a program to find middle element of singly linked list using single iteration. Linked list do not use an index and uses the only reference to next item.

Algorithm Explanation

Initialize two pointers using the head pointer. Increment the length for each element.
Move to next element and check the length. One pointer moves one node at a time and the second pointer move two nodes at a time.
When the second pointer reaches the last node, the first pointer points to the middle element.
If the linked list contains even number, it returns next element as middle of the element.

Source Code

package com.dsacode.DataStructre.linkedlist;
public class FindmiddleElement {
     public static void main(String args[]) {
          LinkedList linkedList = new LinkedList();
          LinkedList.Node head = linkedList.head();
          linkedList.add( new LinkedList.Node("11"));
          linkedList.add( new LinkedList.Node("78"));
          linkedList.add( new LinkedList.Node("45"));
          linkedList.add( new LinkedList.Node("34"));
          linkedList.add( new LinkedList.Node("57"));
          System.out.print("Linked List items: ");
          LinkedList.Node current = head;
          int length = 0;
          LinkedList.Node middle = head;
          while( != null){
              if(length%2 ==0){
                  middle =;
              System.out.print( +"->");
              current =;
          if(length%2 == 1){
              middle =;
          System.out.println("Length of Linked List: " + length);
          System.out.println("Middle element of Linked List : " + middle);
class LinkedList{
    private Node head;
    private Node tail;
    public LinkedList(){
        this.head = new Node("head");
        tail = head;
    public Node head(){
        return head;
    public void add(Node node){ = node;
        tail = node;
    public static class Node{
        private Node next;
        private String data;
        public Node(String data){
   = data;
        public String data() {
            return data;
        public void setData(String data) {
   = data;
        public Node next() {
            return next;
        public void setNext(Node next) {
   = next;
        public String toString(){


Linked List items: head->11->78->45->34->57->NULL
Length of Linked List: 5
Middle element of Linked List: 45


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