Linked List

Find last Nth node from singly linked list using single iteration

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Write a program to find last Nth node from singly linked list using single iteration. Linked list do not use index and uses only reference to next item.

Algorithm Explanation

Take two pointers for finding the last Nth node. Slow pointer and fast pointer initialize with head pointer.
Move fast pointer to Nth node.
Iterate both slow pointer and fast pointer till end of the linked list. When the fast pointer move to end of linked list, the slow pointer point to last Nth node
Return the element to display the data

Source Code

package com.dsacode.DataStructre.linkedlist;
class Node{
    public  int val;
    public Node nextNode;
    public Node(int x) {
        val = x;
        nextNode = null;
public class FindLastNth {
    static Node  FindnthToLast(Node  head,  int  n)  {
        if (n < 1 || head == null)
          return null;
        Node pntr1 = head, pntr2 = head;
        for  (int  i  =  0;  i  <  n  - 1;  ++i)  { 
            if  (pntr2  ==  null) 
                return null;
                pntr2 = pntr2.nextNode;
        while(pntr2.nextNode != null ){
            pntr1 = pntr1.nextNode;
            pntr2 = pntr2.nextNode;
        return pntr1;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Insert itmes in LinkedList:9, 43, 34, 11, 78, 55");
        Node n1 = new Node(9);
        Node n2 = new Node(43);
        Node n3 = new Node(34);
        Node n4 = new Node(11);
        Node n5 = new Node(78);
        Node n6 = new Node(55);
        Node n7=null;
        n1.nextNode = n2;
        n2.nextNode = n3;
        n3.nextNode = n4;
        n4.nextNode = n5;
        n5.nextNode = n6;
        System.out.println("Last 3 rd Item from linked list using single iteration:"+ FindnthToLast(n1,3).val);
    public static void printList(Node x) {
        if(x != null){
            System.out.print(x.val + "->");
            while (x.nextNode != null) {
                System.out.print(x.nextNode.val + "->");
                x = x.nextNode;


Insert items in LinkedList:9, 43, 34, 11, 78, 55
Last 3 rd Item from linked list using single iteration:11 


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