Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. The developer can use ASP.NET, PHP, JSP or Node.JS for developing the websites. But, all the websites would like to have web analytics tools for measuring the number of users, page view, new user, Repeat Visitor and more information.

Google Analytics Solutions

Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet. The user can setup google analytics free service easily. The user can monitor websites, blogs or mobile applications using analytics. It provides more details about the unique visitor, sessions, average number of new sessions, repeat user and more information. The user can collect the key performance metrics and business data freely. The user must add the JavaScript code to each and every page in their website with the unique account number. Google Analytics launched Real Time analytics too. All the data collected and stored in the google server. If the user wants the data, they can integrate and collect the data. If the user runs the small business or personal blogs, the user can setup and use Google Analytics Solutions.



Piwik is a free and open source web analytics application written by a team of international developers that runs on a PHP/MySQL web server. It gathers and analyze important information about users in the websites. It supports Java, iOS, android, PHP, Python, C# clients. It supports only Mysql database. It supports embed reports in the application, website or embed PNG Graphs in any custom page, email, or app, Automatic tracking of file downloads, clicks on external website links, optional tracking of 404 pages. It measures any interaction by users on websites and apps and real-time flow of visits to the website. If the user wants setup the web analytics software in the user environment and does not want host in any other environment like google server, the user can setup Piwik. It is one of most active open source project.



AWStats is an open source Web analytics reporting tool, suitable for analyzing data from Internet services such as web, streaming media, mail, and FTP servers. It supports major web server log formats. It written in Perl, AWStats can be deployed on almost any operating system. It supports Number of visits, unique visitors,Files type, entry and exit pages, Screen size and more futures. If the user want analyze the log from command line, the user can use AWStats. It shows all possible information about log, in few graphical web pages.


Open web analytics

Open source web analytics software that can use to track and analyze how people use websites and applications. It supports JavaScript, PHP APIs with MySQL Database technologies. It supports Custom Event Tracking and Track custom site actions and events that you define and supports Standard Reports. Programmatic export of data in a variety of formats Asynchronous Event Logging/Processing and Log new events to a log file or queue instead of writing directly to the database. OWA supports tracking with WordPress and MediaWiki, two popular website frameworks.


Open Symphony’s Click Stream

Open Symphony’s Click Stream Analyze the traffic paths and the sequence of pages that users have generated as they browsed your site. It is not an active project. ClickstreamFilter gets call for the very request and causes performance issue. ClickStream uses the Commons Logging component to store the tracking information. No as such in build reporting mechanism available. We need to depend on the custom query.


Many open source web analytics software available to collect and display data about visiting website users. We have taken the open source framework which provides the details for measuring the number of users, page view, new user, Repeat Visitor and more information. The user must choose the active open source project which supports latest technologies.

Open source Web Analytics Tools

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