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Programming interview process different from other non-technical interview processes. The developer should write the solution during the interview. The coding interview involves the data structure, algorithm and other computer science fundamental concepts like looping, iteration, recursion and more.

If the candidate is a fresher, the candidate gets a lot of time for preparing the coding interview. The working professional should balance the personal life, official work and preparation. The software development lifecycle process different from interview preparation. The candidate must practice for the programming interview. The coding interview preparation takes from few weeks to few months. The candidate must understand the basic concepts like data structure, algorithm, programming language syntax and system design concepts. The candidate should practice programming problems using paper and notebook. They should not use any Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for practicing the interview problems.

Choose the right company

If the candidate likes to work on product based company, they should practice the data structure and algorithm problems. If the candidate likes to work on service based company, they should understand the open source or licensed tools and frameworks. The software service companies provide service to clients based on the contracts. The client wants an efficient software (open source or licensed tools) which helps to complete the task very fast and accurate. Example, the client may want to develop a website. The website may use server side scripts (ASP .NET, PHP or JSP), open source JavaScript frameworks (JQuery) or database (MySQL, Oracle or MS-SQL). The service based companies use the combination of tools to build the software for providing service to clients. The service based companies need a candidate who masters on those technologies. The data structure and algorithm may be the secondary skill set for Service based companies. The product based company may expect the candidate who has good skill set in Data structure and algorithm and computer fundamentals. The product company requirement may need tools and other frameworks. But, they may have less requirements.

Programming language syntax

If the candidate is good in the data structure and algorithm, they can learn the program language syntax. The software products build using the combination of data structure, algorithm, programming language and frameworks. The candidate can use integrated development environment (IDE) while developing the software. It gives syntax highlight, error correction, display the list of functions available for objects and more futures. But, when the candidate practice for the coding interview, the candidate should not use IDE.

Understand computer fundamentals

If the candidate is good in a programming language, they may not be able to clear the programming interview. The candidate must understand the data structure, algorithm, and other computer fundamental concepts. If the candidate is studying in colleges can get help from professors. If the candidate is working professional, they can learn from books, online forums or other media. The small set of institution teaches the data structure and algorithm concepts.

Apply using employee’s reference

The candidate can apply the job using companies’ career web page, LinkedIn or Facebook like social media. The candidate can apply the requirements through reference. It helps to track the status easily. If the candidate does not know anyone in the company, the candidate can get introduce through the social media and ask for the help. It may not work all the time.

Understand the company technical stack

If the company product works with the enterprise application, the candidate should understand some basic concept about enterprise application. Example, if you are going to attend the interview with amazon or google, make sure you know about HTTP protocol and how the server works with the client. The internet based companies’ core business run on top of internet related technologies. If the candidate gets selected during an interview, the candidate is going to work in the company technology.

Understand the job description

When the candidate applies for the job, the candidate must understand the nature or the work. The software industry has many titles and each different. The job description explains the number of years’ experience, the roles and responsibilities, technical skill set, secondary skill set and shift related information. If the candidate wants work with only from the remote location, few companies give the option to work from home. Some job also requires working from client location or work from the company for the client.

The candidate should consider the following points when apply for programming interview

Technical Skills
  • Export in Data structure and algorithm (Product based companies)
  • At least one programming language
  • At least one Database System
  • At least one Operating System
  • Service based companies may consider domain skills
  • Good in any one tool or framework (service based companies)
  • Networking and Operating system commands
Design skills
  • Object Oriented Programming and design skill (Experienced professional)
  • Transfer business requirement to technical design(Experienced professional)
  • Non-functional requirement (Experienced professional)
Non-Technical Skill
  • Analytical and logical skill
  • Communication skill
  • Team player
  • Team Lead or manage (experienced professional)
Points to remember while applying technical interview

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