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The software candidate may find latest software trends, top programming language index or highly demanded technical skills from various articles, programming language index or blogs. Software trends data build from different statistical information which may not relevant to the candidate. For example, if the candidate is working in Java, the trends related with Business intelligence may not relevant to the candidate.

The candidate should understand the difference between the highly demanded skills, latest skills and common skills. The common skill set may have a lot of job opening. If the candidate know the common skill set, the candidate may get lot of calls from company human resource team or job consultant and get more options to explore (Example Java, HTML, JavaScript, and SQL). The latest skill set may not have more requirements. If the technology adopted by more companies, It will create a lot of openings. Otherwise, the candidate should change the skill set again (Python, F#). The demanded skill set may have few opening. If the candidate knows basic or intermediate skills, the candidate gets job from good companies (Example Hadoop and R).

Search software trends

  • Search the skill set with a number of years’ experience in LinkedIn, Naukri, Monster, dice, CareerBuilder or similar job search portals.
  • Search results show the list of job requirements which match the candidate skill set. Read the job descriptions carefully and check the additional skill set requirements. If the candidate has core skill set, the candidate can build latest additional skill sets.
  • Choose the latest additional skill set from your core technical area. Example, if the Candidate is good in Java, the Candidate have the following options.
    • If the candidate is good in core java not interested in web technologies, the candidate can learn mobile application development.
    • If the candidate is good in java and Web technologies, the Candidate can learn about the scalability, performance, advanced design pattern, multi-threaded applications and different application server.
    • If the Candidate knows java and interested in server administration, the Candidate can learn any application server product (IBM WebSphere, WebLogic, etc.)
  • Choose new technical skill and Keep monitor the skill in software job search portals. If the skill set has more requirements continuously (example 6 months), the Candidate can start to learn and build the skills.
  • Keep monitor the companies which use the new skill set. Once candidate learns and comfortable with new technical skills, they can and start to apply.

Learn new technologies

If the current project needs new technology, the candidate can learn and use in day-to-day job tasks. If the current company does not need any new technology and the candidate want to learn, the candidate must choose the technology carefully.

  • If the company is working any other project with the latest technology (candidate interested), the candidate can change the team based on companies policy.
  • If the candidate does not want change the job or organization for adopting the latest technology, think carefully before start.
  • If the candidate simply learns new technology with own interest, they can’t be the master without real project experience. They may forget all the concepts after initial force.

Build career

If the experienced candidate wants to change technical stack, they need to be put lot efforts. If the candidate gets tasks from the current organization with the latest technology, they can learn and practice easily. Otherwise, the candidate may not be able to show his experience with the latest technology. The experienced professional need to work his current assignment with the required skill set for the company and the new technical stack side by side and change the technical stack.

  • Search relevant skill set and know the latest trends.
  • Know your additional skill set requirement.
  • Strict with same technical stack whenever possible.
  • The latest is not always best. Try to find stable skill set.

If the software industry moving to the new technologies, the candidate should plan and move to the new technologies which relate to his skill. The candidate must plan and learn the new technologies by self-learning or using training institution. If the candidate does not know the current trend, it will be difficult for his career.

Know software trend and build career

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