How to switch your job gracefully in software industry

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The employee should discuss with current organization management after getting an official offer letter from the new organization and start the leaving process early. It should be communicating with new organization human resource team with appropriate status. The employee changes the job due to many factors. We assume the candidate gets an offer from another organization with more benefits compare than the current organization. The employee should know the leaving process of current organization and joining the process of new organization. When the candidate decides to change the job, they should have a clear idea about their expectation. The candidate makes sure the new organization fulfills the candidate’s expectation. Otherwise, the candidate will not continue with the new organization for a longer time.

Once the employee gets an offer from another organization, they may get into dilemma whether to explore other opportunity or settle with the current offer. The candidate can try with a maximum number of companies and get more offers during the current company notice period time. If the candidate not sure about the resignation with current organization, they should not discuss with the immediate manager or start leaving process from the current organization. Once start discusses with current manager, the current management may negotiate with the candidate based on candidate’s dependency in the project. They may offer counter offer based on new organization compensation. But, if the candidate planned to leave, they should leave from current place and start leaving process immediately. Otherwise, the employee should not start job search process. The software companies may provide an option to change the team within the organization. The employee can utilize team change option. The software engineer resigns the current job due to one or many of the following reasons.

Job change factors

The employee may affect with one or more factors based on their preference.

Work environment

Software organization keep a very good professional relationship with employees. But, the employee may face direct or indirect political factors. If the employee not able to tolerate in a particular situation, they will leave the organization. The employee like to work in the friendly environment.


If the employee is looking for promotion and the organization takes time to release the promotion due to various factors, the employee may leave the current organization. If the employee leaves the current organization, they may get high compensation in the new organization and they should prove in the new organization.

Job security

The employee always looks for job security. If the organization planned to fire employees or recent history for firing the employees, the current employee may not trust the organization and planned to leave. The attrition rate may increase due to job security.


As per the analysis, the compensation is one of the main factors for leaving the current organization. The employee may get 15% to ~100% salary increment based on new company policy and current compensation. If the employee strict with the same organization for the longer period, they may get promotion and title exchange. But, if the employee moving between different organization may get more salary (If the employee switches the jobs frequently, the organization may lose the trust on the candidate).


If the employee do not like the technology in the current project or the employee wants to move to latest skill set due to job security, they may change the organization. If the employee does not know or do not want to learn the technology (No! Software engineers should always learn new technologies!), they may need to spend more hours at the office.

Work and life balance

Employee wants work-life balance. If they are not able to spend enough time with kids or family, they may consider changing the organization. The employee who spend more hours at the office, may not be able to work very productive. They need to take the rest and complete the task on time. If the organization requires one or two days (Ex release date), the employee may consider for working late hours. If the organization asks to stay long hours at the office every time, the company’s higher management is not planning properly and forcing an employee to work more hours. But, it will not produce a productive result to the organization.

Too much or little work

Each employee has a different perspective about the work. If the employee likes to work more and get less work, they may feel uncomfortable about the environment. They may leave due to less work. If the employee doesn’t want to work more and get more work, they may consider changing the current organization.

Want leave from comfortable zone

If the employee wants to leave from the currently comfortable zone, they may leave the current organization. The employees want sync-up with the current software industry. If the current work does not involve with latest technologies, they may leave the current organization.

Career growth

An employee may consider their career growth along with other factors. If the employee want the technical manager or architect and company do not provide space, the employee may leave the current organization. Organization should provide space for employee’s career growth.

Communicate with current management

When the employee gets offer letter and planned to join a new organization, they must communicate with current organization manager as soon as possible. If the employee is waiting for a number of offer letters from the different organization, the process may be complicated. The employee can initiate leaving process immediately after getting the first offer. If they get a better offer in future, they can join in better Offer Company. If they don’t get any better offer, they can join the first offered company. Once the employee planned to leave from the current organization, they should not stay with counter offer offered by the current organization. If the employee is happy at work and needs more compensation, they can discuss with the manager in the current organization. If the employee does not have any option (other than leaving the organization due to different factors), they can think about leaving the current organization.

The employee should discuss with the current manager before sending official resignation mail. After initial discussion, they should communicate through official email ID. The email should contain the information about the notice period start date. The organization management may discuss with the employee about the possibilities of staying back. If the employee steps back in their resignation plan, their notice period start date will postpone and need to answer the new organization human resource team. If you planned to leave from Company, make a clear decision.

Notice period

The employee should service the notice period as per company policy. The notice period start from few weeks to 3 months. The employee may not get the new assignment from the team. But, they should support current tasks assigned to them and transfer the knowledge to the new team member. The new team member may join the current organization or new employee to the organization itself. The employee should complete the current assignment. It may be a difficult task to manage from an employee perspective. The employee may get calls from job hunter or hiring company human resource. They should schedule the timing to manage the interview schedule, knowledge transfer, and current tasks properly. Every company has a digital process for signoff from all the departments (Example Finance, HR, Library, etc). The employee should clean all the pending actions and return all the assets provided by the company.

  • ID card
  • Vehicle Sticker
  • Computers or laptops
  • Software
  • Library Books

Experience letter

If the employee signs off all the process during the notice period, the company provide the experience letter during last day at the organization. The employee should collect all the department contact information Example Email id and Phone number. Once the employee submits the ID card, the company policy will not allow to company campus without proper communication. If the employee wants to discuss with HR department, the employee should know the HR contact and fix an appointment before come and meet the Human resource team after separated from the company.
If you want to communicate with your current organization in future (Example, the HR do not the response), you can communicate through friends circle. When the employee leaves the current organization, they should keep friends in the previous organization.

Joining Process and Background check

Every company should check the background information about the employees. The employee should know the contact details of HR. When they join the new organization, the new organization will ask about the previous company contacts (including the immediate manager contact information email or phone number). Whenever you don’t like the immediate manager, keep cool contact with them. The new company may validate, candidate experience letter and other documents. The joining process may take one or two days depend on company policy.

Note: This article discuss interview process in India. It may differ other countries based on industry culture. If you know any process differ, please let us know. We happy to incorporate the changes.

How to switch your job gracefully in software industry

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