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The computer science curriculum may have many computer theory and practical subjects. Are we going to use all programming languages, tools and technologies in software development projects? Do we need to know all the technologies? The answer is Yes and No! We should know all the technologies. But, we should be a master in at least one technology or tools.

Choose technology

Software companies recruit the fresh candidate from top colleges and universities. The company train the students based on company requirement. The student may get fewer options to choose the technologies. If the student doesn’t get a job as a fresher, they should build technical skill for facing the real world requirement. The student can’t change his existing grade but, the candidate can build technical skills based on current requirements.
The student can search job portals with different technologies for getting the real figure about requirements. They should monitor the current trends about the software industry. The student can build the career based on current trends data.

Learn continuously

We cannot predict feature technology and software industry demands. But, if the student knows computer fundamentals, they can learn new technologies without much struggle. The software engineer can’t survey without learning new technologies. A software engineer should eager to learn new technologies and do not fear with trying new things. Example, If you are working as core java developer, focus on new technologies like android, Web technologies or python. The candidate can try with professional certification. When they do not know anything about the new technology, tools or programming languages, they can prepare for certification. It helps to build confidence about the technology.

Know what you are doing

If the student is working in a mini project, they should not wait for getting help from the professor. They can build a team with multiple roles and responsibilities. The student should understand each role. For Example, if you are playing as a software engineer, try to understand software engineer roles and responsibilities. You should involve all the activities from requirement gathering, design, develop, and test and deploy the applications. If you are playing QA, try to understand different testing methods, types of testing and more details about the testing. Once you join in Software Company, you may play as a software engineer or Quality engineer or Business Analyst.

Points to remember

Business requirements decide the technologies, tools and software infrastructure. When the student develops small projects, the student  should understand the business requirements clearly before starting the code. The technology should not dominate business requirement.

The student can build technical skills in the following area.

  • Study operating system, computer architecture and network theory.
  • Study Data structure and algorithm thoroughly.
  • Study at least one programming language (C++, Java, C#)
  • Study at least one Database (Oracle, SQL and MySQL).
  • Improve communication skill.
  • Participate online forums, group discussion, open source, GitHub, Linkedin
  • Work as team
  • Study about the software companies and work culture

If the student wants to be a successful software engineer, they need to build technical skills and communication skill, interpersonal skills. Learning is a continuous process and needs to improve every day. A student may have a lot of time to study and learn new technology. They may need to learn new technologies based on business requirement after joining the software company. They may not be able to learn all the technologies from college days itself. Once get the basic idea about computer programming language, you can learn any programming language.


The major software companies prefer to recruit fresh minds. The companies build skills based on business requirements with low cost. Many students come from colleges every year. All the students may not be able to get a job immediately. We may not be able to define the job search process directly. It may differ based on each person capability, industry demand, skill set and current trends. The students should understand the real world requirements instead of learn technologies blindly.


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