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If you want to truly understand something, try to change it.–Kurt Lewin

The software professional can increase the technical depth in three different stages. The software professional understands the concepts in the basic stage. They work in the technology without much depth knowledge in the intermediate stage. The software professional understands and masters in the advanced stage. Certifications in computer technology are non-degree awards made to those who have achieved qualifications specified by a certifying authority. Most of the technical companies provide certifications (Example Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, and Certified Software Tester). The software professional may use many different technologies for developing the project and may not be good in all the technology. The candidate must choose the right career path before start prepares the certification. Prometric is a trusted test development and delivery provider in worldwide. They schedule the certification exam and provide the certification based on the candidate score.

Continuous Learning

The software professional must update their technical skill. Most of the software service companies encourage the employees to complete the certification. The certification may help to increase the billing rate from the client. The certified person should make the difference with the non-certified person. If the new skill introduced to the industry, the candidate may not get a chance to work with new technology. But they can learn from books and practice the problems using the internet. The certification gives the confidence about the new technical skill and works properly.

Importance of practical knowledge

The software professional must solve the problems and learn from failure. Practical knowledge is always better than theory knowledge. Most of the certification programs concentrate on theoretical knowledge with multiple choice questions. Only a few advanced certifications validate about the candidate coding and designing work (example, Oracle Certified Master certification which requires theory, practical and design knowledge). If the candidate is very good in any technology and they may not need any specific certification. The certification may help market the candidate resume. The real knowledge should come to the combination of theory and practical knowledge.


  • If the certified person is going for an interview, they may get preference compare than other candidates. The candidate must prove the technical skills during the interview.
  • Certification gives confidence to the candidate in the interview.
  • The software professional may work many technical areas. They may not be able to continue to work in the same technology. The certification gives the clear stage. Otherwise, they may not be able to measure the technical depth.
  • If the software professional new to the technology, they can learn the fundamental from the books and try some examples. After understanding the basic concepts, the candidate can try for certification.


  • The software professional must spend the time and money for earning the certification.
  • The software professional must understand all the areas from certification syllabus. Each version may add or remove the topics based on the vendor nature.
  • The software industry has many certifications. If the software professional good in any technology and get the certification, it may not be true always. The technology or certification may go absolute and need to upgrade with the latest version.
  • The software professional may not work with the same technology. The certification may be able to upgrade due to technology switch.
  • The Internet has a lot of certification dumps. The software professional can clear the exam without understanding the concepts properly.


Certifications are the best pet who understand the concepts well and want to learn all the areas from the technology. In the modern world, the software professional work based on the projects. They may not be the master in one area. When the project or company need programming language or tools, the software professional learns from the job and try to acquire the skills or certification from that technology. If the software professional chooses the career path clearly, they can start to prepare the certification. We don’t need complete all the certifications. The certification may also help to increase the salary negotiation during the interview process. The certification may help to stand out from the crowd and increase the value in the job market. The certification will not give guaranteed job for everybody who has passed.

Does software certification really matter?

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