We have been busy over the last few weeks for updating our website. And finally, we are proud to announce the release of our newly updated site. We have introduced the following feature in careerdrill 1.1 version.

1) Added C++ Language support

Careerdrill added C++ language support for the following modules.

  • Common interview questions
  • C++ Standard Template library classes usage
  • List of Algorithm interviews questions

All the questions explained with C++ programming language source code. The user can select the programming language (C++ or Java) based on user interest.

2) Update Social media Share buttons and added more options

We have updated the social media buttons. We also added more social media buttons for sharing the interview questions with more websites. The user can share the interview problems with social media websites.


3) Add “My History” feature when user login

Careerdrill added new feature called “My History”. The user can track the interview questions for last 10 visits. We may not be able to collect all the user history. But, we are providing the maximum 10 items in the user history.



careerdrill update history

4) Display the source code based on user preference (supports C++ and Java)

The user can choose the preferred programming language. Now careerdrill supports C++ and java programming language.

careerdrill update choose language
careerdrill update chooses the language
careerdrill_update language
careerdrill_update language
careerdrill_update language
careerdrill_update language

5) Added Programming language page for C++

Careerdrill added one-page programming language note which helps to understand the C++ language syntax. We provided for java programming language. The one-page programming language note contains the language syntax, operators, loops and basic semantics. We also provided Standard template library (STL) class usage separately. The user can choose from Programs -> software Framework with C++ programming language.

careerdrill Programming language C++

Note: We are not providing the search options from careerdrill. The user can search the careerdrill questions using google with careerdrill keyword.

Careerdrill Launches New Feature: Careerdrill 1.1

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