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I completed my computer degree. How to search for software jobs?
What skills are required for getting a job in the software industry?
I am working professional. How do I prepare for a software engineering job interview?
I do not know the current skill trends. How do I prepare for my coding interview?
I lost my job. How to get the job in the software industry?
I bought many interview preparation books. What about real interview questions?
I am planning to search job. How to prepare coding interview?

Google search results may provide online forums, websites, Blogs and Books for planning and develop the individual career. But, the candidate may not be able to get the right tool and service at right time. Online forums may provide the multiple solutions from different community members. When the candidate is planning the career development with short notice, they may not be able to find the problem with the right solution. Organizations may not promise their employees lifetime careers. Careerdrill believe the candidate should plan and develop the career path based on the individual interest.


Careerdrill is a web portal that focuses on Career Planning and Development. It provides the tools to achieve the career goal. It provides career guides for students and working professional, technical interview questions, the list of resume writing service providers and more career related services.

Services provided by Careerdrill

Careerdrill resume service helps to find the best writing service provider in the industry. We understand facts about the resume and should be corrected professionally. We are providing resume writing service using business-to-business (B2B) model. The user can search the resume service using experience, resume type and country format in the search screen. The user can order resume service in more service detail screen. Careerdrill blog provides the list of career guidance to get jobs in the software industry. It also provides recommended reading, websites and tools which help to search job in the software industry. It can be used for both working professional and fresh college students.

Careerdrill provides the following career services.

  • Resume and Cover letter writing services from Resume service provider
  • Career Management planner
  • Career guides for students and working professionals

Topics covered in Careerdrill

Careerdrill helps to learn the Data structure, Algorithm and frequently asked interview questions through coding. It provides full working code, program output and reference to other websites. It provides Big O analysis for best, worst and average case analysis for each problem and explains the concepts in simple steps. The data structure, algorithm, and related interview problems can be understood by the fresh candidate from college or experienced professional. The candidate must prepare and practice for the coding interview. They must understand and master the fundamentals of Data structure and algorithm concepts. It helps to clear the coding interview. If the candidate is good in Data structure and algorithm, they can learn any new technologies without much struggle. The candidate requires a different skill set to get a job in dream companies like google, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, LinkedIn, etc.

Careerdrill cover the following technical areas.

  • Data structures and Algorithms
  • Frequently asked interview questions from different software companies
  • Programming Languages in C++ and Java

If you feel, Careerdrill needs some improvements, please share your thoughts and comments! You can also share your interview questions and interview experience with us. It helps another candidate who is actively searching job.